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Heart of Thorns: Structured Player vs. Player

Structured PvP in Guild Wars 2 levels the playing field by equalizing stats on gear and boosting all characters to level 80, letting you jump straight into the action. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ will introduce a new competitive game mode to test your skill: Stronghold.

Storm the Enemy Stronghold

  "Stronghold Video"

Storm the enemy keeps in our new game mode, Stronghold! Fight your way through enemy gates, summon troops to help your cause, and struggle for control of powerful Mist Champions who will aid you in your efforts to slay the opposing lord and claim victory!

Meet The Mist Champions

At launch, you'll be able to unlock and summon three Mist Champions with unique skills to tailor your strategy in the inaugural Stronghold map, the Battle of Champion's Dusk. With the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion, each player now has a choice of which champion to bring with them into a match. If you're the one to succeed in channeling the mist essence, your Mist Champion will join the fray, acting as a superweapon to help you punch through tough enemy defenses, push the game forward, and secure victory for your team.

Turai Ossa

Desert Carapace
Bane of Joko
War Cry
Shield of Elona
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Grymm Svaard

Steel and Fury
Nomad II Broadside
War Cry
Cannon Barrage


Smoke and Daggers
Fade to Black
War Cry
Furtive Glance

The Battle of
Champions Dusk

In Stronghold, you and your allies will attempt to infiltrate enemy lines, break their gates, and kill the opposing lord. If you succeed in defeating the lord, the match ends. The Battle of Champion's Dusk features NPCs you can hire for supply to help your team tear down gates and dismantle defenses. You can battle for control of pillars of mist essence, which will become available at timed intervals and allow you to summon the powerful Mist Champions.

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PVP Leagues

In Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, structured PvP will have regular league seasons. During a season, players begin in the starter division and earn their way up to the next by defeating other players within their division, earning rewards and gaining prestigious items along the way. PvP Leagues will give players of all skill levels regular goals, better matchmaking, and unique rewards, and they'll provide a better system for ranked play in Guild Wars 2.

PvP is moving to the next level. We're introducing fully functional in-game PvP leagues with their own seasons, divisions, team leaderboards, and rewards! Earn display badges to show your progress during a season.

PVP Guild Teams

You can use our new guild teams feature to form a competitive PvP team and participate in each competitive season with your friends. If you secure yourself a spot at the top of the new guild leaderboards, you and your team will receive bonus rewards at the end of the season – even invitations to top competitive Guild Wars 2 tournaments!

Guild Teams Leaderboard

By fighting under your guild team’s banner, you’ll help advance your team through the new guild-team leaderboard. In it, you can compare the performance of your team within your region and race for the top!

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Reward Tracks

Unlock reward tracks based on your rank that will update your rank finishers with a new look for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, including an all-new dragon finisher! While you're working on ranking up, be sure to explore more than 10 new reward tracks that will grant you exciting loot, rewards, and unlocks as you hone your PvP skills.

  • All New Dragon Finisher
  • Legendary Backpacks
  • Exclusive Rewards
  • New Unlocks

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will bring a number of new reward tracks, as well as some exciting updates to current and future reward tracks. Mist Champion reward tracks will let you obtain new Mist Champions to summon in the Stronghold PvP game mode, and unlock a second reward track to obtain a miniature version of your new ally. Rank reward tracks will unlock as your rank soars in PvP; you can work your way from the Jungle Rabbit reward track through the Jungle Dragon reward track and obtain an entirely new finisher.

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Reward Tracks

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will bring a number of new Player vs. Player reward...

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