New Profession Revenant


The All New Profession

Harness the power of the mists with the new revenant profession coming in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. The revenant is a heavily armored warrior who augments devastating physical attacks with the mystical powers of legends from Tyrian history. Call upon these legends to change your heal, elite, and utility skills.

  "Points of Interest: The Revenant"

Available Weapons

  • Mace (Main-Hand)
  • Axe (Off-Hand)
  • Sword (Main and Off-Hand)
  • Hammer
  • Staff
  • Shield (Elite)

Core Legends

  • Jalis Ironhammer
  • Mallyx the Unyeilding
  • Ventari
  • Shiro Tagachi
  • Glint (Elite)

A New Melee Weapon The Staff

This weapon imbues your attacks with the power of the Mists, using a mix of martial and magical styles to support your allies.

It's very much about damage prevention rather than directly offensive attacks, to fit the legend's theme.

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Revenant Profession Legendary Stances

Revenants have learned to commune with the Mists, a magical protoreality that makes up the fabric of space and time within the Guild Wars 2 universe. The Mists remember what came before, and echoes of those who left an especially powerful imprint on the world of Tyria can still be found there. A revenant calls upon these legendary historical figures, bringing them back into action to enhance the revenant's own abilities and power.

Legendary Dwarf Stance

Use the Legendary Dwarf Stance to summon the powers of King Jalis Ironhammer, leader of the dwarves of old. He’ll help you rush right into the fray and lay your enemies low with tanky skills that punish your enemies and support allies nearby.

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Legendary Demon Stance

Call upon Mallyx the Unyielding using the Legendary Demon Stance and access an array of dark skills. It'll take cunning and calculation to master the might of the overlord of the Domain of Anguish.

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Legendary Assassin Stance

With the Legendary Assassin Stance, you'll summon the memory of Shiro Tagachi and unleash lethal attacks augmented by the power of the Jade Wind.

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Legendary Centaur Stance

The Legendary Centaur Stance will call upon the aid of the centaur Ventari. You'll use his tablet to power your healing, utility, and elite skills to support your allies and deflect the blows of your enemies.

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The Revenant Elite Specialization Dragon Stance

Unlock the revenant's elite specialization, the herald, and gain access to Legendary Dragon Stance.

Use facets of the ancient dragon Glint's power to provide useful effects to your allies.

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