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The Mastery system is a new approach to endgame progression. It represents a new way to grow your characters once they've hit level 80, and it does away with the traditional gear and level grind that leaves a content wasteland and widens the gap between new and veteran players. The Mastery system establishes exciting goals to achieve that increase your abilities and powers after level 80, allowing you to overcome greater challenges and creating truly meaningful endgame progression.


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will launch with 39 unique endgame Mastery tiers in 7 tracks. The 15 tiers of Central Tyrian Masteries will allow you to progress in Pact Commander Mastery, Legendary Crafting Mastery, and Fractal Attunement Mastery. In the Heart of Maguuma, the 24 initial tiers will allow you to master gliding in the jungle and to learn the secrets and abilities of the Exalted, Itzel, and Nuhoch peoples—all of which represent new ways to fight, earn rewards, and explore the world around you. Learn the languages of the jungle's inhabitants, bounce off of mushrooms and leap to incredible heights and previously unreachable locations, and master combat techniques that will help you survive against the deadly Mordrem forces.


Attunement with new ally races can be trained to understand their language, unlocking secret locations and access to battle techniques that can weaken your shared enemies.


The Heart of Maguuma will be home to some of the most challenging combat in Guild Wars 2, and Masteries will give you the tools you need to excel in these fights. Hunt new enemies, master abilities to defeat champions, and become more deadly against the new creatures waiting in the jungle.


Mastering jungle movement will unlock the ability to hang glide to previously unreachable locations. When you train the Gliding Mastery, you’ll have the option to soar freely through the treetops, escape the dangers that await you on the jungle floor, use the air to your advantage in combat against certain foes, and save yourself from accidental death by slipping.


Part of the Central Tyrian Masteries, the Legendary Journey is a long-awaited feature that will send players on an epic journey to complete collections to ultimately build a precursor weapon, the core requirement for crafting a prestigious legendary weapon. In addition to creating your precursor weapon, you'll unlock two entirely new weapon sets added with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns that come in stages, building up to your precursor.

    Have access to a special Mastery track for unlocking precursor crafting.
    By completing events, jumping puzzles, and minidungeons in a map, you'll periodically be awarded with bonuses in addition to normal rewards.
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The Pact Commander Mastery line will reward your devotion to saving Central Tyria with perks such as special vendors, bonus experience, increased speed in cities, and effortless automatic looting. You'll also be able to extend the hand of friendship to up-and-coming heroes by playing in mentoring mode, which will grant you a badge and chat title for organization and visibility.


Uncover new depths in the Fractals of the Mists to gain powerful new abilities to overcome difficult fractal challenges, garner greater rewards, and unlock more powerful infusions.

Progressing in the Mastery system requires both time and expertise; you'll train a given Mastery by killing enemies, completing events, and doing other activities that would normally earn experience points. When your Mastery is fully trained, you can then allocate Mastery points to unlock the ability associated with that tier.


We're very excited about bringing Masteries to Guild Wars 2. We believe it's the perfect progression system for a game in which the journey is the goal. Masteries allow us to focus on giving you new abilities without invalidating your past achievements. They allow you to constantly grow and overcome new challenges while focusing on playing the game instead of grinding for gear. Masteries are one of our key answers for players who asked - what can my characters do to progress at level 80 in Guild Wars 2?

Masteries have the flexibility to both take us to new places and revisit our old favorites, and since the Mastery system provides account-based progression, your new characters will never have to play catch-up. We can't wait to share Masteries with you when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns arrives.

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