The Heart of Maguuma


The Heart of Maguuma

The story of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ takes place in the Heart of Maguuma, the deep jungle where Pact forces crashed on their way to confront the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Discover the secrets of the Maguuma Jungle, meet the new cultures and races who live there, and explore the vastly vertical maps as you progress your characters through this new region.

The Heart of Maguuma features a brand-new, personal storyline that tells the story of your journey through the Maguuma Jungle, the allies and foes you meet along your way, and the battle against the sinister jungle dragon.

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The jungle dragon, Mordremoth, is one of six Elder Dragons that threaten all life on Tyria with their corrupting influence and insatiable hunger for magic. Twisted by Mordremoth, the sylvari Scarlet Briar devastated the city of Lion's Arch and disrupted a magical ley line, awakening the dragon. Now it begins to send its minions, the Mordrem, forth to establish its hold on Tyria—and to bring the sylvari race under its control.


  "Journey into the Heart of Maguuma"

You'll journey through four of the largest, most diverse and replayable maps ever built in the world of Guild Wars®; maps in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns are designed as three-dimensional volumes rather than traditional flat planes. You'll have more to explore as you travel through the jungle biomes, from the canopy heights to the jungle floor and deep below into the jungle roots.

Jungle Roots

Jungle Floor

Jungle Canopy

The jungle represents a challenge for you to overcome. Creatures within it use our new advanced AI, making the fights you encounter harder, giving you the opportunity to work with your friends and put your abilities to the test in battling Mordremoth's forces and the deadly inhabitants of the jungle. As you progress your Masteries, you'll find new ways to move through the map and unlock areas you couldn't reach previously, as well as new ways to overcome your foes.


When night time falls in Verdant Brink - the Mordrem forces come alive. Players need to band together across an entire zone and hold rally points against Mordrem invasions, find supplies from the crashes, hunt down the enemy commander in the canopy and more while darkness covers the jungle.

Maps in Heart of Thorns have epic map wide event moments like Verdant Brink's night time assault that can occur which change all the events and themes in the zone to an entirely new set of content, bosses and goals for players to band together and attempt to overcome.


Outposts will function as a central hub for events, guiding you through the maps and providing base camps for your adventuring. You'll need to defend outposts from attacks to retain access to the benefits they provide.


As you move through the jungle, you'll come across adventures—repeatable, on-demand content challenges in the open world that can be anything from completing a jumping puzzle to defeating a boss in an arena. Try your hand at these adventures in order to earn rewards and compete with your friends and fellow guild members on adventure leaderboards.


A variety of unique species call the dense forests of the Maguuma Jungle their home. You’ll need to reach out to new allies and earn their trust in order to gain the expertise that will help you take down the jungle’s most dangerous enemies.


Itzel hylek are physically similar to tree frogs—lean and lanky, with long limbs and large eyes. Sporting a variety of iridescent colors, they spend most of their lives in and among the trees, building extensive settlements and compounds in the branches of the Maguuma foliage.

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Nuhoch bullfrog hylek could not be more distinct from their Itzel cousins. Huge, heavy, and powerfully built, Nuhoch make up for their lack of speed and agility with prodigious strength and unparalleled stamina.

The Mordrem

Mordrem are the nightmarish minions of the jungle dragon, Mordremoth. These plantlike horrors are fanatically devoted to Mordremoth, twisted by its influence over the domain of the mind, and more than willing to call on the dragon's power in order to better serve it in battle.

The Saurians

Long thought lost to time, these animals have evolved to not only survive the jungle but to thrive in it. Some are fast, some are hardy, some are massive, but all are incredibly dangerous to the unwary jungle explorer.

The Chak

The chak are insectoid creatures that exhibit unusual defensive and offensive capabilities. Their bizarre physiology poses an interesting puzzle for researchers--provided those researchers are willing to brave swarms of chak in their natural habitat.


Within the open world of the Heart of Maguuma, you'll earn and build two new armor sets with unique looks for light, medium, and heavy armor, five new weapon sets, and over 60 unique additional item skins, miniatures, and more!

The launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will introduce the beginning of a new line of legendary weapons. Start building any of the three initial legendary weapons and collect three additional new skins - including their precursors!

  • Two New Armor Sets
  • Five New Weapon Sets
  • New Line of Legendary Weapons
  • 60 Unique Additional Item Skins, Miniatures, and More

New Legendary Weapons

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will let you begin your journey toward the first new set of legendary weapons to be added to the game since its original set of 20 that were included in the launch of Guild Wars 2. The first three to be released will be the celestial axe named Astralaria, an experimental energy pistol called H.O.P.E., and the raven spirit staff named Nevermore. Additional legendary weapons will be released in small groups at regular intervals until the full set of 16 has been added to this game.


Our new map reward system, found in both the Heart of Maguuma and Central Tyria, grants unique rewards for completing events, minidungeons, and jumping puzzles. Map rewards will rotate in Central Tyria, offering you a way to play a variety of content while obtaining the materials and trophies you want. In the Maguuma Jungle and Maguuma Wastes, maps will offer specific rewards.

Maps in Heart of Thorns have epic map wide event moments like Verdant Brink's night time assault that can occur which change all the events and themes in the zone to an entirely new set of goals, content, bosses for players to band together and attempt to overcome.


Of course, the story of Tyria will continue beyond the launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

If you own the expansion, you'll be able to simply log in to the game to gain free access to upcoming Living World releases!

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