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Claim a home for your guild in the Heart of Maguuma. Guild halls are a new system that will allow you to not only take over a guild map, but construct buildings in that map to unlock upgrades for your guild.

You’ll mount an expedition into enemy territory to drive Mordrem armies out of one of the two guild maps in the Heart of Maguuma. Once you’ve claimed the map as your own, you can play content and missions out in the world to acquire the resources necessary to improve your guild map and the buildings found within it. There are more than 150 unique guild upgrades to build and unlock across the 40 guild levels that you can earn.

Guild Halls Building
your Guild Hall

You’ll be able to build six major structures around your central hall. Each is run by a proprietor—an expert from the Guild Initiative who is on loan to your guild indefinitely to help you maintain your presence in the area. Proprietors will have a set of upgrades you can purchase that will add various functionalities and services to your guild hall.

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New Crafting Profession Scribe

Scribes hold a uniquely selfless role within the guild community. Although there are items scribes can craft for themselves, they bend most of their talents to crafting items for their guilds. Much more than simple writers and notetakers, they are skilled in every aspect of composition, from mixing inks to bookbinding. They’re also able to inscribe complex magical diagrams and incantations that can harness raw aether to fabricate useful tools for your guild.

175 UNIQUE Decorations

You can decorate your guild hall with over 175 unique decorations at launch, which can be earned as a reward for playing content and overcoming challenges together with your fellow guildmates.

Guild Anthems

Build a tavern in your guild hall, and unlock the choice of an anthem for your guild. This will play for all to hear during moments of triumph, such as when you complete a guild mission or claim an objective in World vs. World.

Forty Guild Levels

As you play with your guild, you'll gain access to new features, like the ability to organize and run your own competitive guild teams in PvP leagues, construct a guild teleporter to quickly transport your entire guild around Tyria, and much more.

New Guild Missions

With Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, guilds will be able to run two entirely new major categories of guild missions. PvP guild missions will allow guild teams to compete in PvP to earn guild favor, and WvW guild missions will allow guilds to band together to conquer and hold objectives in WvW to earn guild favor. Guilds can select a preference of PvE, PvP, or WvW guild missions – or if you’re interested in everything, you can select to have a weekly mix of all mission types. These missions, and the favor they reward, will help your guild build and grow your guild hall and craft scribing upgrades to further support your guild.

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Guild Halls Core Buildings

Build six core buildings that give you access to unique content:

Guild halls Arenas

Build a battle arena within your guild hall and customize it to your specifications, making it as dangerous as you dare. Set the rules of engagement, and then raise the stakes by including turrets to fire on combatants, pillars to sneak behind, and traps to catch the unwary.

Guild Halls: Guild Rewards

Playing along-side other guild members in PvE, PvP or WvW will earn you a new reward type - resonating shards, which you can combine with other items to build decorations to decorate your guild hall and much more!

You’ll gain access to a new guild armor set for each of the three armor weights—heavy, medium, and light—as well as guild weapon sets that can be created in either of the two guild halls. The shadowy Tenebrous set corresponds to the Gilded Hollow hall, while the ethereal Shimmering set belongs to the lofty Lost Precipice hall. Take advantage of Guild Wars 2’s multiple guild system to gain access to both weapon sets!

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