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Heart of Thorns Enter the Mist War

Within the magical protoreality of the Mists, vast armies representing all possible worlds face each other in massive, three-way battles for the right to claim territory. Join the eternal battle, fight in the name of your world, and prove your strength!


Wage war as a guild in World vs. World! Take advantage of the guild claiming system to upgrade objectives that you control. The longer you hold a location, the more claiming tools you'll have at your disposal.

The launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns introduced the Desert Borderlands, a new WvW map for all players to experience.

  "The WvW Desert Borderlands Map"

The epic siege battles of WvW will find a new home in the desert Borderlands map. Take the field in a map filled with key strategic points that can turn the tide of battle if you can capture and hold them for your world. Control a shield generator to rebuff the enemy and stave off ranged attacks.

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Elemental Keeps

Explore and capture the air, earth, and fire keeps, giving your team bonuses and strategic advantages based on their location and topography. Fail to control them, and the advantage will belong to the enemy!

Keep Lords

Elemental keeps are guarded by the keep lords, each of whom has unique mechanics to aid in defending their home turf. You'll want them on your side.


Controlling each regional shrine gives a unique effect. While your world owns a region's keep, you'll gain effects depending on the number of shrines owned by that world. Visit the shrines to receive their blessings, such as movement-speed increases, special transformations, stealth, and immunity to some of the map's dangers.


Each of the towers located in the map is themed around its individual inhabitants. You'll find a mage college, a coven of necromancers, a den of ogres, and a band of charr, all fiercely guarding their territory.


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is bringing expanded support for squads! Now all members of a squad will be able to see a scalable UI with information like each squad member’s profession and health, as well as whether they’re dead, in the downed state, or being revived. This UI will display the first few characters of each squad member’s name (based on UI scaling) and also give a visual representation of how much supply is available in your squad while you’re in WvW.

In addition to having control over who can join their squad by making it open for anyone to join, needing a commander’s approval to join, or invite-only, commanders are getting a host of tools to better organize their squads. You can request ready checks, drag and drop squad members into sub-groups to organize for challenges, open up chat channels specific to each sub-group, broadcast on-screen messages to players in your squad, see the locations of all squad members on your map, and mark locations, NPCs, and creatures in the world for your whole squad to see.

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